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Operation jericho documentary

Operation jericho documentary

Operation jericho documentary
The reasons behind the raid remain a mystery. Martin Shaw investigates. Actor and aviator Martin Shaw takes to the skies to rediscover one of the most audacious and daring raids of World War II. On the morning of 18th Februarya squadron of RAF Mosquito bombers, flying as low as three metres over occupied France, demolished the walls of Amiens Jail in what became known as Operation Jericho. The reasons behind the controversial raid remain a mystery to this day. This dramatic documentary investigates the missing pieces of the story, with interviews from survivors and aircrew, and tries to find out why the raid was ordered and by whom. Home Clips. Main content. This programme is not currently available on BBC iPlayer. Operation Jericho. Show more. Show less. Last on. Sun 6 Oct BBC Four. Operation Jericho Duration: Operation Jericho: Preview Duration: See all clips from Operation Jericho 2. Sun 23 Oct Sat 29 Oct Sat 5 Jan Thu 30 Oct Sun 17 May Mon 18 May Sat 26 Sep

Operation jericho film

Watch the trailer. Actor and aviator Martin Shaw takes to the skies to rediscover one of the most audacious and daring raids of World War II. On the morning of 18 Februarya squadron of RAF Mosquito bombers, flying as low as three metres over occupied France, demolished the walls of Amiens Jail in what became known as Operation Jericho. The reasons behind the controversial raid remain a mystery to this day. This dramatic documentary investigates the missing pieces of the story, with interviews from survivors and aircrew, and tries to find out why the raid was ordered and by whom. Written by Documentary wiki. Looking for some great streaming picks? Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Visit our What to Watch page. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews.

Operation jericho 2017

Mosquito fighter-bombers breached the walls, prison buildings and destroyed the guards' barracks. Of the prisoners, were killed by the bombing, 74 were wounded and escaped, including 79 Resistance and political prisoners; two-thirds of the escapers were recaptured. Two Mosquitos and a Typhoon fighter escort were shot down and another Typhoon was lost at sea. The raid is notable for the precision and daring of the attack, which was filmed by a camera on one of the Mosquitos. There is debate as to who requested the attack and whether it was necessary. During Allied and German interest in the Pas de Calais increased; the Allies wanted information about the Atlantic Wall defences against an invasion, to keep as much of the Westheer as possible away from Normandy and operations Bodyline and Crossbow against V-weapons sites appearing in the region. Oberst Hermann Giskeshead of Abwehr German military intelligence in the Low Countries, Belgium and Northern France and controller of the Englandspiel — counter-intelligence operation. The Gestapo and Abwehr was able to expose many French, British and US espionage and sabotage networks in northern and north-west France. Earlier in the war, Vivant had established an information-gathering system in which people gleaned information on the defences of the Channel coast and passed it to village mayors, who delivered it to Vivant for onward transmission to London by wireless. With the loss of so many resistance leaders, Vivant had come to know far too much about the invasion and how the resistance was expected to support it, which included a plan to reorganise the resistance and to expand it tenfold. The loss of Vivant brought OCM and other networks to the brink of collapse. The news that Raymond Vivant had been captured was smuggled out of Amiens gaol and transmitted to England, causing much alarm in the US Office of Strategic Services OSS and the Secret Intelligence Service MI6 that the Germans might uncover his identity and extract information from him; the damage to Allied plans would be incalculable. News also arrived that two American spies and a British agent were in Amiens gaol, two of them apparently recent arrivals in France. A request for a rescue attempt was made by William J. At all costs, London and Washington wanted Raymond Vivant freed or killed in the attempt. Maurice Holville obtained a permit to deliver parcels to the gaol, to draw sketches of the interior layout of the prison and to study the rhythms and routines of gaolers and guards, to go with the blueprints stolen from the town archives. Another member of the resistance studied the outer walls, while apparently smooching with his girlfriend but the resistance failed to discover the true thickness of the outer wall or that its stone blocks were not mortared. The information revealed by the espionage was recorded and the papers were cut in two. One set of halves was retained by a senior member of the Sosie group. An armed raid was feasible, as had been attempted at St Quentin prison recently, although this had been bloodily repulsed and security increased in other prisons. Intelligence reports put the German guards quarters on the short sides of the cruciform, drawn in a sketch received from the Resistance. The guards' mess was in the quarters at one end and the guard room in the other. The guards had lunch at noon and many of the prisoners had their midday meal at the same time in the central hall of the prison. Building B on the photographs appeared to be a small estate of semi-detached two-storey houses with gabled roofs, thought to be private dwellings and building C was marked as Hospice St Victor. The attackers would have to breach the gaol walls and hit each end of the main building to blow open the gable ends. The shock of the explosions should spring open cell doors without destroying the building and massacring the prisoners.

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This month marks the 70th anniversary of Operation Jericho, a daring low-level raid involving nineteen Mosquitos of No. In many members of the French resistance movement in the Amiens area had been caught by the Germans and imprisoned in Amiens prison. Some had been betrayed by collaborators, and the entire movement in the area was at risk. By December12 members of the resistance had been executed at the prison, and it was learned that more than other members were to be shot on 19th February Dominique Penchard, a resistance activist, began sending information about the prison to London, including accurate details of the layout, defences, and duty rosters. When two Allied intelligence officers — with possible knowledge of the D-Day invasion plans — were also captured and sent to Amiens prison, a precision air attack on the prison was requested, and the mission was allocated to the 2nd Tactical Air Force. The prison was located alongside a long straight road and surrounded by high walls. The guards ate in a block adjacent to the main building, making lunchtime the best time to eliminate the maximum number of guards. The balance of munitions used had to be carefully planned so that when hitting the main prison walls, they were breached and the doors sprung open without the building being destroyed. There were around inmates in the prison and loss of life was inevitable during an air raid, but it was thought that many had already been condemned to death and it would give a chance for some at least to escape. The Wing comprised 18 Mosquitos — 6 from No. Close support was to be provided by Hawker Typhoons from No. Although Air Vice Marshall Basil Embry was originally intended to command the attack, he was scrubbed from the mission, as he was involved in the planning of the invasion of Europe. Pickard therefore took his place, despite his limited experience of low-level attack. The mission was delayed by very poor weather, which worsened after 10th February, with low cloud and snow across Europe. By 18th February it was not possible to wait any longer for the weather to improve, and the 18 Mosquitos, plus a PR photo-reconnaissance Mosquito, were readied. The crews were briefed at under high security, the first time they had been made aware of the target. Pickard was to bring up the rear of the second wave of aircraft, to assess the damage and to call in 21 Squadron if necessary. The final decision to carry out the attack was made just two hours before the deadline for striking the target, and the Mosquitos took off from Hunsdon into weather worse than many of the crews had previously experienced. Four Mosquitos lost contact with the formation during the flight and had to return to base, and an additional one had to turn back due to engine problems, leaving nine to carry out the main attack with four in reserve. The attack group approached Amiens from the east, using the very straight Albert-Amiens road as a guide. At hours three Mosquitos of No Squadron attacked the eastern wall on a heading of degrees, just clearing the wall with twelve bombs fitted with 11 second delay fuses, while two made a diversion attack on the local railway station before returning to the prison. Two aircraft of No Squadron attacked the northern wall at hours just clearing the wall on a heading of degrees with twelve bombs. These attacks were directed at places later reported breached by reconnaissance aircraft. One bomb was seen to hit the large building, and the northern side of the eastern building was also reported hit. Two Mosquitos of No Squadron bombed the eastern wall at hours from 50 feet 15m heading degrees and degrees with eight lb bombs. The wall appeared unbreached by the first pass, and results of this second pass were unobserved. Two further Squadron Mosquitos bombed the main building at hours from feet 30m heading and degrees with eight lb bombs. The north wall appeared to be already damaged. One of these aircraft was seen to bomb and did not return. A direct hit on the guardhouse killed or disabled the occupants and a number of prisoners were killed or wounded, while many were able to escape. The PRU Mosquito circled the target three times between and hours from to feet m using a cine film camera but carrying no bombs. He reported a large breach in the eastern centre of the north wall and considerable damage to the extension building to the west of the main building as well as damage to the western end of the main building. A number of men were seen in the courtyard near the separate building which appeared to be workshops and three men were also seen running into fields from a large breach in the northern wall. Among the inmates was Raymond Vivant, the sub-prefect of Abbeville who had been arrested by the Gestapo on 12th February on suspicion of Resistance activities. On the morning of 18th February, Vivant was preparing for his lunch when he heard the drone of aircraft engines followed by a loud explosion:.

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In Amiens there was a high-security Nazi prison which held prisoners, most of them being captured resistance fighters and political figures who were captured due to their support for the rebellion against Nazi occupation. The mission was initially planned for 10 February and its original group leader was to be Air Vice-Marshall Basil Embry. Embry had to leave the command and participate in the planning for the invasion of Europe. The plan was to attack the prison using the DH 98 Mosquito bombers, which were categorized as light fighter-bombers, manned by a two-member crew with limited fire capacity. They were also ordered to bomb the German mess hall during lunch time, in a hope of achieving the maximum level of casualties among the prison guards. The RAF has calculated that the bombing would certainly cause a number of friendly casualties, but decided to proceed since many of these men were already sentenced to death and thus had nothing to lose. The main group consisted of 18 Mosquito fighter planes and one Mosquito armed with a camera that was sent to film the entire raid, making it one of the rare operation captured completely on film. At hours, on February 18th, the group was briefed on their objective and the details of the mission. They took off into weather much worse than many of the crews had previously experienced. This led to a series of mishaps before they arrived at their mission objective. Four Mosquitoes became separated from the main formation and contact with them was lost. One more had an engine malfunction. They were all forced to return to the base. This left the strike force with nine planes in the initial attack wave and only four more in the reserve. The rescue mission became even more daring than it was at the start since they basically had to do make it in one run. One minute past noon they stormed the prison. Three of the Mosquitoes were aiming for the walls and using bombs fitted with eleven-second delay-action fuses. In the first attack, they managed to breach the outer walls, but it was necessary to circle around for another run. Two others bombed the railway station which was used to send in reinforcements, thus giving the prisoners a fair chance of escape. At the eastern wall was still not breached. The bombers flew as low as 50 feet 15 meters above the ground and bombed it once again. In a second run, two of the Mosquitoes dropped pounds kg of bombs on the main prison facility, killing and wounding many of the prison staff, including some of the inmates. At this point, the prisoners started to escape. Pickard judged the mission was a success and ordered the squad to head home. On their return, the Germans already had their fighter planes above ground. One of them shot the retreating Mosquito manned by Pickard and he crashed, dying instantly with his navigator. Out of prisoners, died during the raid, mostly at the hands of the prison guards who were trying to stop the escape. The bombing of the railway station indeed gave the inmates a two-hour head start before the search parties could be organized. About managed to escape, including 79 verified resistance fighters, but were recaptured within the next 48 hours. His reasons to think so were based on three verified facts:. Also, it was never publicly established who ordered Operation Jericho since Maurice Buckmaster, who was the head of the SOE department in France objected to the claims that it was the SOE who had ordered the operation to be executed. He suggested that it was the Secret Intelligence Service, better known as MI6, but this claim was also never officially adopted.

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Operation jericho documentary
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